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Kowalski / Maziarz / Murzynowska (Poland)

(15.07.2013, 9:00 PM, Magazyn Kultury | Kolanko No. 7)


The members of the band are students of rural musicians, and most of all – the violinist Jan Gaca from Przystałowice Małe. The band's repertoire consists of old dance melodies, mainly from Radom region and Kielce region – mazurka, oberek, polka, waltz, foxtrot.

Musicians are involved in events related to Polish traditional music – as participants or organizers (including Camps of the House of Dance, the project "Serce Dzwonu" ["Heart of the Bell"] by the Tratwa Association, the International Summer School of Traditional Music of the "Muzyka Kresów" Foundation, the All Mazurkas of the World festival). They operate within the To.pole Association and the "Dom Tańca" Association [House of Dance], organizing workshops and dancing parties. They played to dance many times: in Kraków, Warsaw, Rzeszów, Jarosław, Przystałowice Małe, Gałki Rusinowskie and others. Together, they are preparing this year's Kielce Camp of the House of Dance (4-11 August 2013, Sędek near Łagów).

In May 2013, the band received a distinction in the third edition of the "Old Tradition" competition, intended for young bands and singers who continue Polish traditional music. The competition takes place as part of the All Mazurkas of the World festival in Warsaw.


Band members:

Mateusz Kowalski – accordion, violin, basolia

Michał Maziarz – violin, basolia

Dorota Murzynowska – baraban, frame drum

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