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Komedija / Croatia

Komedija is a Croatian rock group founded in 2008. They have already won awards at several competitions and festivals.

They recorded two albums. “The Indian Found It Funny”, released in 2009 by Dallas Records, brought dynamic and energetic folk rock reminiscent of the legendary Pogues, with additional influences from genres such as rockabilly, blues, reggae and swing. Their second album, “I Say Peace” released in 2011 by the same label, featured somewhat more rounded rock sounds. The twelve tracks recall music by Manu Chao, Gogol Bordello and Kultur Shock. The jazzy clarinet and alcohol- soaked blues vocal reminiscent of Tom Waits create a unique atmosphere, at times veering into the cabaret. In the last three years, Komedija has been performing all over Europe, from Slovakia to the former Yugoslavia to Italy. The artists have appeared at over four hundred concerts in clubs, on large stages and at music festivals.

Komedija is one of the most popular groups in Croatia today, presenting exuberant, expressive and dynamic music, appealing to wide audiences. Naturally, local, Croatian traditions remain at heart of the group’s style.

Igor Baksa - vocals, electric guitar
Neven Kolarić - bass guitar, hammer dulcimer, cimbalom
Miloš Rok - clarinet
Marinko Marciuš - drums
Darko Golubić - keyboards, backing vocals

The concert took place in 2015.

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