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Strefa club

A music club, a pub, a meeting place, workshop and gallery space. A unique place on the cultural map of Krakow (located in the center of the Old Town, at Św. Tomasza Street 31) focused on concert and educational activities.


Strefa's concert agenda puts emphasis on promoting the artists who cultivate the traditions of the oldest sources of musical culture (StrefaEtno) and the performers for whom the inspiration from ethno music is the starting point for their own, creative interpretation (StrefaJazz, StrefaOtwarta). Strefa's important projects are also: Dwukropek [:colon] - a cyclical interdisciplinary forum gathering young artists, mainly of the sung poetry field; cyclical workshops and dancing parties, including not only Polish traditional dances, but also other dances from various regions of Europe and other continents (DomTancaKrakow [Krakow House of Dance], FonóKrakow).


The imperative chosen by Strefa and Rozstaje/Crossroads Association, complementing its artistic program, is an activity minding endangered traditions and supporting initiatives that are encouraging the attitude of tolerance, integration, intercultural dialogue and communication in the field of art. Strefa club hosts concerts and workshops organized by the Rozstaje/Crossroads Association as part of a long-term project: StrefaEtno / StrefaJazz. The culmination point of the yearly educational and concert activities of the Rozstaje/Crossroads Association and the Strefa club duo is the EtnoKraków/Rozstaje Festival, an international world music festival held by the Association every year for over 20 years now.

Strefa club cooperates with many cultural institutions (Krakow Festival Office, Krakow Culture Forum, Academy of Music in Krakow, Rozstaje/Crossroads Association: at the Crossroads of Cultures and Traditions, ŻyWa Pracownia center, Fonó Budai Zeneház), becoming a concert or workshop space and festival club for many prestigious international festivals, such as: EtnoKraków/Rozstaje, Misteria Paschalia, Multicultural Festival in Krakow, Duetissimo - International Piano Duo Festival, Wianki Festival in Krakow, Grechuta Festival, Student Song Festival, "Kobieca Transmisja" Lady Fest, International Jazz Day, Summer Jazz Festival Krakow, Jazz Night, International Percussion Festival "Sources and Inspirations".

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