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Red Sun Rising


Kfjatek/Red Sun Rising/RSS B0YS / Poland

The common denominator of all artists is the contemporary interpretation of ethnic sounds. Kfjatek, associated with OFF Radio Kraków, will present a DJ set in the style of Brazilian music.

Live Act Red Sun Rising will combine a deep electronic space with motifs well known to lovers of folk music – white singing, characteristic instruments and lyrics from original archaic songs. The mysterious duo RSS B0YS will play a strong, non-stylistic and raw live set. Fast, danceable and transcultural – from African deserts to Eurodancejoints.
Kfjatek – DJ, radio personality and promoter. Once reggae and hip-hop, now more house and disco. Resident at Krakow’s Alchemia. Produces the Off Beats programme every Monday on Off Radio Krakow. At EthnoKraków/Crossroads, he will present Brazilian music from an extensive collection of albums he has acquire since last year's festival performance.

Red Sun Rising – Michał Niecikowski from Szczecin, specialises in chillout sounds enriched with a pinch of folk and Slavic style. Michał clarified his style by releasing the Four Different Walks EP on Mamomam Records in 2017. He combined Slavic motifs with chillgressive sounds (a sub-genre of music that is a calmer branch of psytrance music). On 1 May 2018, he released his debut album Campfire on Altar Records, a label known to psychill lovers. In 2019, the EP Awake the Rituals was also released by Altar Records, created in cooperation with Alice – vocalist and instrumentalist, known for her projects Kipikasz and Dziadowski Projekt. It is a combination of psychill electronics, hurdy-gurdy and vocals inspired by Slavic rituals and Kurpie and Lasowiak songs. Currently, Michał is working on a solo album by Joanna Lacher, one of the most interesting Polish folk voices, ex-vocalist of the group Percival. Surely his live act will be able to hit your most sensitive spots, showing that the history of music is coming around full circle and trance is the common denominator of both old and new sounds.

RSS B0YS – unique and strange travellers; they played in Kyrgyzstan and Berghain, in a Brazilian forest and above the Arctic Circle. They like to play in the Czech Republic, they can play anywhere. Loud music, non-stylistic, fast, moving, danceable, strong energy. Hardware and sweat... Blood and tears of happiness. Always write B0ys with a zero. They're two anonymous musicians – b0y one and b0y two. They wear masks. They have travelled many thousands of kilometres together across several continents. They released many albums, the first of which appeared in the even more secret series mik musik. Atoms, rattles, cosmic singing and a chain reaction. A lot of things matter. Bass matters. The mask matters a lot. The future. Energy. Saturn. Dystopia. Resistance. Courage. Protest. Concerts are their domain. They work a lot and quickly, they move with lightness.

The concert took place in 2019.

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