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Kepa Junkera / Basque Country

Junkera’s career has lasted thirty five years so far, and he is one of the symbols of Basque culture. His achievements have revolutionised how to use the trikitixa accordion, as well as the understanding and interpretation of traditional Basque music.

Thanks to his openness he has enriched the local culture with influences from other styles, yet his music remains deeply rooted in tradition.

Junkera has created music without borders, open to other cultures, to the world, with respect, and above all with enthusiasm and curiosity towards anyone who loves what he does. His extensive discography numbers over twenty albums. He was born half a century ago in Bilbao, and from childhood listened to popular folk songs. He is self-taught. Kepa Junkera is a restless spirit, full of passion, and a desire to discover his own path in the music world. He is the creator of brilliant compositions that, while paying homage to the past, at the same time define new paths and indicate the future of Basque (and Spanish) music. His concerts are the pride of the most important world music international events and festivals.

Kepa Junkera - trikitixa diatonic accordion
Eneritz Aulestia - vocals, percussion
Irati Gutierrez - vocals, percussion
Garazi Otaegi - vocals, percussion
Maria Lasa -  vocals, percussion

The concert took place in 2015.

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