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Katarzyna Chodoń / Poland

Katarzyna Chodoń (vel Pani od Muzyki) is a folklorist; daily she teaches children and adults about the customs and traditions of music and dance, especially of the Krakow region. She often conducts classes with musicians - along with the ensemble she plays traditional Krakow music, and also animates participants by conducting games, dances and also singing together. Thanks to this form, workshop participants have a chance to embrace traditional culture with all their senses, as well as join in the creation of authentic music that occurs in their presence.


She works, among others, with the Ethnographic Museum in Krakow („Domowe Muzykowanie” i „Wstęp do Rozśpiewu”), with the Rozstaje Association and Strefa club (cyclical krakowiak workshops), with the Małopolska Culture Center „Sokół” in Nowy Sącz („Mateczniki Tradycji”), and the Orliczko Foundation (Mały Kolberg - Małpolska).

As part of this year's edition of EtnoKraków/Rozstaje, she will conduct workshops in cooperation and with the support of the band Raraszek.

The workshops took place in 2019.

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