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Karbido (Poland)

(30.07.2011, 9:00 PM, PWST)


„Stolik / The Table” - prototype instrument for a quartet – the audio spectacle

Artistic group (music and multimedia) from Wroclaw with a variable member composition, depending on the nature of realised project. The core of the group is three musicians, bound up with alternative theater and plasticity for years: drummer Paweł Czepułkowski, guitarist Igor Gawlikowski and bassist and lyrics author – maot (properly: Marek Otwinowski).

The group was founded between 2002 and 2003 by the musicians of groups: CEZ, Formacya Bochianni and Kormorany; they have evolved from the guitar duo, through rock trio, avant jazz quartet, to the form, that is open for mutations and modifications coming from the nature of the challenges undertaken. Since 2004 they have been strictly connected with the platform of art acts „Hermetyczny Garaż” of Tomasz Sikora, where they create their musical and music-realted projects and recordings. Karbido passionately and with premeditation goes beyond the limits of habits, connecting totally different pictures into new landscapes. The musicians in a free and unpretentious way draw inspiration from the mess of modernity; they penetrate with passion the frontiers of extremely different territories. Thanks to that, next to the rock concerts or postjazz sessions (Avant Live), Karbido explores the spaces of new poetry (projects with Jurij Andruchowycz), sound theater („Stolik”, „Katastrofa LZ 129”...) and movie projections („Trauma Bros”, „Promovies”, „Dada the Cowboy”).


„Impressive, crazy and funny” – Jim Gilchrist, „Scotsman”


„I honestly don't know, how to describe The Table. From the beginning it surprises.”

Adrian Turpin, „The Sunday Times”

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