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Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa

Mercedes Peon

Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa & Mercedes Peon / Poland/Spain

The meeting between one of Poland’s most famous folk groups and an outstanding Spanish artist from Galicia results in fascinating artistic effects.

At the grand finale of the festival these artists will present a programme which is the result of nearly three years of musical acquaintanceship – shared compositions announced for the new autumn album from the Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa and Mercedes Peón “Święto Słońca”.

Founded in 1997, Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa (Warsaw Village Band) are now one of the most important bands on the European ethnic music scene. They are one of the most prominent representatives and symbols of Polish folk. The group plays traditional instruments (violin, dulcimer, baraban, frame drum), but sound completely modern. Each of the band’s releases includes new artistic experimentations and fusion orbiting around the roots in the general Mazowsze area.

Their phonographic debut was the spontaneous and joyful album “Hopsasa” in 1998. International success came with the release of their second album “Wiosna Ludu” in 2002. Since then, the band has played at major festivals, and their new achievements are awaited by fans in many countries around the world. The most recent of these to date is the album “Nord” from 2012, recorded in cooperation with members of the famous Swedish group Hedningarna.

Mercedes Peón is one of the most important figures of the Spanish world music scene. Her extremely energetic performances show true virtuosity – by using loops, samples, her own voice, and many instruments the artist builds a fascinating wall of sound on stage. Her discography includes some rapturously applauded albums. Together with Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa she creates a new musical world.

Mercedes Peón - vocals, electronics
Magdalena Sobczak-Kotnarowska - vocals, dulcimer
Sylwia Świątkowska - vocals, violin, Płock fiddle
Ewa Wałecka - violin, vocals
Piotr Gliński - baraban, percussion
Paweł Mazurczak - double bass
Maciesz Szajkowski - hoop drums, percussion
Miłosz Gawryłkiewicz - trumpet

The concert took place in 2015.

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