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Kapela na Krzywych Dźwiękach / Poland


Kapela na Krzywych Dźwiękach was founded in Kraków in spring 2014. The ensemble conducts field studies in the Kajoków microregion (formerly northern Małopolska, now southern Mazowsze), homeland of their teachers – the singer Maria Siwiec and the violinist Jan Kmita.

They also reach for scores recorded by Oskar Kolberg, and compose their own works inspired by traditional styles. The ensemble plays at weddings, recalls old traditions, and hosts parties and workshops of Polish folk dances and games in Poland and abroad.

Daria Butskaya – violin
Katarzyna Chodoń – vocal, drum
Krystian Pisowicz – violin
Arkadiusz Szałata – bass, harmonica, baraban

The concert took place in 2015.

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