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Kalyi Jag (Hungary)


Kalyi Jag (Black Fire) is a band presenting the music of Hungarian Gypsies, known in many European cities for their repertoire with a raw traditional sound. The group, although looking for new sounds in its performance development, pays attention to the archaic heritage with particular care and respect.


Kalyi Jag was founded in Budapest in 1978 and its base then was young members of the gypsy community of the Szatmár province. Since the beginning, the ensemble has traveled abroad many times, not only to large European cities, but also to distant parts of the world. The secret of Kalyi Jag's greatness lies above all in the persistence and diligence, thanks to which they managed to collect such a rich and varied musical material. At the same time, they managed to protect the world of their own values taken from home and to develop elements of the native style into a stage presentation. At their concerts, listeners from their cultural circle will recognize the most beautiful Gypsy melodies – each success of Kalyi Jag – is a success and respect of the Gypsy tradition.


concert: Saturday, September 8 at 4.00-5.30 PM,

Festival Club Pod Jaszczurami, Main Square 8

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