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Jojo Abot / Ghana/USA/Denmark

Her fascinating music is inspired by her travels throughout continents and from her time spent between Akra, Copenhagen and New York - it is Jojo Abot, born in Ho (Ghana), living in New York, one of the most interesting and promising artists on the music scene inspired by African traditions.

Her emergence on the world music scene means an exciting new talent and a new sound, proposed by her, as her creations draw inspiration from the African tradition, as well as from contemporary dance music, r&b, latino and other styles. Jojo Abot’s music combines the best of all worlds, and her creations are a cultural melting pot, an original and captivating fusion of many genres.

The audiences, who hear Abot’s music for the first time consider it to be hypnotising and sensual, revealing outstanding sensitivity. This exceptional singer from Ghana captures attention of fans all over the world with her experimental combination of electronica, afrobeat, soft jazz, neo-soul, house and reggae.


Her first single, Fyfya Woto, was clearly inspired by the music of Thandiswa Mazwai, Savage Rose, Seeed, Lucky Dube and Simphiwe Dana. The emotions expressed by the artist on the release concerned the issues of women’s rights, in particular their right to decide their own fate. It was a form of artist’s protest against oppression against women, growing throughout the generations, and limitations they face even in their families. Fyfya Woto was produced in Denmark by Jonas Rendbo, and it was partially sponsored by Ghana - Denmark Cultural Fund.

Jojo Abot will come to Poland for the first time, accompanied by her Danish band.

The concert took place in 2016.

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