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Joanna Słowińska - Archipelag_2 / Poland

Guest star: Outi Pulkkinen
Joanna Słowińska is one of the most charismatic stars on the Polish stage, a vocalist and a great stage personality known to the fans of ethno and world music for the repertoire inspired by Polish and Slavic traditional music.

She is not afraid to take up new challenges and artistic experiment. She has cooperated with Jarosław Bester and Gardzienice Centre for Theatre Practices. Zygmunt Konieczny also composed for her.

With her author’s project and the Muzykanci group she gave concerts on prestigious stages and at festivals in most European countries (including. WOMAD UK), in the US (NY Broadway Symphony Space, Chicago Cultural Center), South Africa (WOMAD Chile), and in Asia (Georgia, South Korea). Her successive solo records Live in Alchemia (2005) and Możesz być (You Can Be) (2007) reached the top of the Polish Radio Competition for the Folk Phonogram of the Year. Her author’s album Możesz być won that prestigious title. Award-winning at many prestigious festivals, including the Grand Prix and the Audience’s Award at the New Tradition Polish Radio Festival (2004), Actor’s Song Review in Wrocław and TVP1 Super-One at the Polish Song Festival in Opole. In 2013 she was awarded the Gloria Artis Medal for Merit to Culture by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Archipelag_2 announces a new edition of the project and the autumn Scandinavian concert tour. A primeval vocal energy confronted with electronic sound and acoustic instruments. Contemporary and traditional texts. Author’s own and traditional compositions, as well as Polish and Slavic ritual songs.

Archipelag_2 also echoes other European cultures. The concert is co-created by top musicians of the ethno scene, improvised and jazz music. This times Outi Pulkkinen from Finland will be the artist’s special guest. We well also hear her at the festival in her author’s projects.

Outi Pulkkinen is best known for vocal experimenting and she's an expert in Finnish folk. She also plays the traditional fiddle – jouhikko. She explores centuries old tradition of runic songs. On the other hand she proposes a modern form of combining movement and speech with improvised music and vocals. At the festival she will sing together with the Pulkkinen Räss Sadowska trio.

The project – with a varied cast – was presented at WOMAD Chile Festival (2017) and at many other world music festivals (in Georgia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy and Ukraine).


The concert took place in 2017.

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