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Joanna Słowińska with the band (Poland)


„Amazingly fascinating and expressive vocalist on the Polish music scene”. [„Gazeta Wyborcza”]

„The personality at the level of Cezaria Evory, Omara or Lila Downs – the one that sang in <<Frida>>”. [Wojciech Ossowski, Polish Radio 3 („Trójka”)]

„She has both originality and spirituality. (...) A voice with an original timbre, clear and strong, combined with violin virtuosity, impulsive dance and gesticulation and a great sense of style”. [„Dziennik Polski”]

„One of the most expressive and charismatic personalities on the Polish scene, not only folk one. (…) A wonderfully thought out musical and arrangement concept, with very good set of musicians”. [Tomasz Janas, „Gazeta Wyborcza”]


Joanna Słowińska performs with her own band, consisting of Krakowian instrumentalists; she's also a soloist of great oratorio forms, composed by Zygmunt Konieczny („Serce moje gram”, „Noc listopadowa”, „Litania polska”) and Piotr Rubik („Golgota Świętokrzyska”, „Tu es Petrus”). Last two years were a special time in the career of Joanna Słowińska; her solo record „Live in Alchemia” was awarded by Polish Radio music critics and journalists with the title of „Folk Album of the Year 2005” (second nomination). She is also a winner of Grand Prix, Independent Audience Award 'Burza Braw' and Special Award of TV Polonia on the Polish Radio Festival 'New Tradition' 2004. In 2005 she became a laureate of Wrocław Actor's Song Festival. In 2006 Joanna Słowińska – as a soloist of an oratorio „Tu es Petrus” - she was awarded a „Multi-platinum Album” of Phonographic Academy ZPAV and „Superjedynka” Award of Polish Song Festival in Opole (cathegories: „Best Literary Album” and „Laureate of the laureates”). She played on the most important festivals of folk music in the country and abroad (Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Macedonia).


Band members:

Joanna Słowińska - vocals, violin

Mikołaj Blajda - double bass

Kuba Mietła - accordion

Paweł Odorowicz - viola

Jan Słowiński - viola

Tomasz Wertz – percussion instruments


29.07.2006, 8:00 PM, Main Square

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