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Joachim Mencel Quintet / Poland


The project is a fusion of Polish folk music and modern jazz. It is a music based on traditional folk dances and although it is not intended for dancing, the dance idiom clearly shapes the whole expression of it. Band leader Joachim Mencel says: I want my music to "dance" in the soul of the listener. I want to wake up listener's spiritual expression rather than its physical aspect.

The repertoire contains compositions by Joachim Mencel inspired by Polish dances and dances of ethnic minorities present in Poland. There are songs based on polonaise, oberek, kujawiak, czardasz, mazurek and krakowiak. The combination of the original style of Mencel with the spirit of dance music has created a completely new quality. It is an exuberant music and at the same time it moves the heart in the rhythm of folk dances. The listener is moved by the longing note of our roots music and amazed by its assimilation with the sounds of modern jazz.

In April 2018, the album by Joachim Mencel Quintet Artisena was released by For Tune; the composer invited to his band musicians playing drums, double bass, violin and guitar, as he sits by the piano or plays the hurdy-gurdy - an instrument with a rich history in Polish folk music. The Joachim Mencel Quintet - Artisena concert is dedicated to fans of jazz music and everyone who loves traditional music.


Joachim Mencel - piano and hurdy-gurdy

Weronika Plutecka - violin

Gabriel Niedziela - guitar

Paweł Wszołek - double bass

Szymon Madej - drums

The concert took place in 2019.

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