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J. Słowińska

Wojtek Fedkowicz Noise Trio

Archipelago: Joanna Słowińska & Wojtek Fedkowicz Noise Trio (Poland)

(20.07.2012, 9:15 PM, Main Square)


The premiere concert of "fonoplastikon" announces the new album by Joanna Słowińska and Fedkowicz Noise Trio - one of the most interesting avant-garde groups of the young generation. A clash of primary vocal energy with electronic and drum'n'bass sounds. Contemporary and traditional lyrics. Author's compositions and ritual songs. The pulse of tradition, the energy of new technologies…

Joanna Słowińska - she is known by the ethno and world music admirers for the repertoire based on Polish and Slavic traditional music. She works with Zygmunt Konieczny („Konieczny w Teatrze Staniewskiego”, „Noc listopadowa”), Jarosław Bester („Bal u Pana Boga”) and Elliot Goldenthal – as a part of this year's edition of Film Music Festival in Krakow, performing vocal solo parts from the film „Frida”. Laureate of many prestigious festivals (Polish Radio Festival 'New Tradition' – 1999, 2004, 2005, Actor's Song Festival in Wroclaw – 2004, Polish Song Festival in Opole – a finalist of „Superjedynki 2009” contest for the original studio album „Możesz być”) and a laureate of Phonographic Academy ZPAV. She conducts original educational activities as Centrum Głosu [The Center of Voice] at Zabłocie Street 23 in Kraków; she works with the Theater Practice Center in Gardzienice as a lecturer at the Academy of Theater. She is a member of the band Muzykanci – one of the most interesting groups at the Polish ethno scene. She is also concerting with a band consisting of Krakow instrumentalists. With her original recitals she performed in most European countries and in the USA (i. e. NY Broadway Symphony Space, Chicago Cultural Center).

Wojtek Fedkowicz Noise Trio - a combination of free improvisation and modern jazz, with drum'n'bass influences and related genres of dance music; analog sounds of the synthesizer opposed to acoustic and electronic, processed by effects, percussion - all combined with a strong pulsating bass. The musicians co-create projects in a vast stylistic area: from cooperation with the Indian group Layatharanga rooted in carnation music (as Fractal Brothers), to joint concerts with O.S.T.R. as part of the "Tabasko" project.


Band members:

Joanna Słowińska – vocals, electric violin

Wojtek Fedkowicz – percussion instruments, electronics

Jacek Fedkowicz – bass guitar, sampler, microkorg

Dominik Wania – keyboards, sampler

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