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Hulajhorod / Ukraine

One of the most fascinating Ukrainian ensembles, Hulajhorod, was founded in 2002 in Kirovohrad.

The group is formed of young artists who study and reconstruct musical folklore of central Ukraine. Their repertoire comprises traditional vocal and instrumental music, and dances they recorded during an expedition to the oblasts of Poltava, Kirovohrad and Ternopil. The group’s men work on recreating and mastering performances of historical, Cossack, Chumak and conscript songs, while the women’s repertoire includes spring and midsummer songs, lyrical compositions and all traditions associated with weddings. The instrumental section is centred around three instruments (so-called “Troyista muzyka”), in this case including a pair of violins, basolia and drums.

The shows led by the ensemble often feature dances originating from these traditions: hopak, kozachok, metelitsa, orlitsa, hrechanyky and polka. Hulajhorod cultivate music they learned from rural artists, and their work is accompanied by the belief that it should be performed without modernisation, new arrangements or interpretations. Although all group members have musical and ethnomusical education, they are focused on the practice and continuation of traditions rather than studying them.

Severyn Danyleyko
Oleksandr Vovk
Iryna Baramba
Serhij Postolnikov
Anastasiia Filatova
Andriy Voytyuk
Yuriy Mostovshchyk

The concert took place in 2015.

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