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HAMDAM TRIO / Iran/Poland

22.08.2020  20:00  concert  Forty Kleparz

22.08.2020  12:00  workshops  Strefa club

Persian music set in the Sufi tradition. Compositions drawing from radif repertoire; the lyrics of Rumi arranged for traditional instruments. 

The Hamdam Trio is a project by musicians hailing from Iran. Their music makes use of a broad range of instruments, whose mastering took them years. Dariush Rasouli studied the ney (flute), tanbur (long-necked lute) and tombak a percussion instrument also known as zarb). Mohssen Hosseini – the tar and the setar, learning for about 14 years from masters of the order of Fariborz Azisi and Keyvan Saket, and for four years from a Persian master, Hamid Motebassem. Arad Emamgholi began to play the daf at the age of five.
In a joint project, they undertook to interpret with their music the lyrics of Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, a Sufi poet, Persian mystic, and Islam theologian, known as “the poet of love”. They are inspired by the radif repertoire: classical music from Iran derived from traditional melodies. It is passed orally by masters from generation to generation, providing a foundation for improvisations.

Dariush Rasouli graduated from the Academy of Music in Teheran, and was acquainted with the traditional music of Iran by Majid Kiani. Since 2004, he has lived in Poland, where he created PersoPolish, a band to which he invited Polish and foreign musicians. Mohssen Hosseini was born in 1982, and has lived in Europe since 2008. He performs and wins prizes at numerous festivals, and has frequently performed in Poland with Neyriz. Arad Emamgholi was born in Kurdistan, and started to play music in 1992, gracing numerous festivals in Kurdistan and Iran, winning numerous prizes. He currently lives in Teheran teaching to play the daf, running workshops, and participating in assorted music projects.

Dariush Rasouli – ney, tanbur
Mohsen Hosseini – tar
Arad Emamgholi – daf, dayereh

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