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Gro Marie Svidal / Norway

Gro Marie Svidal is among the greatest Norwegian violinists playing the Hardanger fiddle – the famous traditional Norwegian fiddle.

Her style features a unique musical energy and a distinctive voice. Svidal’s playing evokes great emotions. She mainly focuses on a repertoire of the local tradition of two western regions in Norway – Sogn og Fjordane and Hordaland. To these traditional themes the artist adds distinct elements of personal interpretation.

Gro Marie is also a producer, composer and dancer. She is a versatile artist with long experience in the circles of music, dance and theatre. Thanks to her talent and uncommon skills, supported by great sensitivity, she has won many awards and scholarships: first years ago, as a young, debuting performer, and the last recently, as an outstanding mature artist: in 2014 she was the national champion Hardanger fiddler.

Her music sways from the thoughtful and gentle to the evocative and powerful. During concerts she has sensational contact with the audience. The listeners react enthusiastically to her refined but spontaneous music. The artist has worked with many different performers. In contemporary music she remains a well-known and widely respected artist, for her openness, knowledge, and integrity.

She has participated in the recording of many albums and is often invited to collaborate with other artists. She recorded her debut solo album, “Hardingfele”, in 2009.

The concert took place in 2015.

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