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Gobe Band / Hungary

The Hungarian folk music scene is colourful, exciting, and diverse. Some artists cling to original sounds drawn from contemporary musical genres, while others seek their deepest inspiration exclusively in the context of traditional music.

As a result, they both continually refine the sound of Hungarian folk. The Gobe Band remains somewhere in the middle between these two extremes. Its members are clearly inspired by the great tradition of local music, but they also strive to add their own ideas to it.

The group was founded in 2007. Its members were recruited from among folk music students at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. From the beginning they sought inspiration in the traditions of Transylvania and Vojvodina, but also in the world of classical music as well as jazz and rock.

The audiences who have already had the pleasure of seeing the Hungarians live know that this diversity gives rise to a delicious and sophisticated cocktail. Gobe Band’s light and friendly-sounding music that captivates and entertains listeners is constructed of closely interrelated elements of jazz, blues, country, classical music and the broad folk traditions of the Carpathian Basin. Their songs which flow attractively on discs as a result of studio sound processing, acquire more power and spontaneity during concerts. You get the impression that the group’s concerts are equally pleasurable for the audience and the artists.

Their latest album, “Ez van!”, was released in March this year.


Ádám Kiss-B.
- violin, viola, vocals
Máté Vizeli - viola, violin, lute, guitar, tambourine, vocals
Mátyás Egervári - cymbals, tambourine, irish flute, flute, vocals
Imre Csasznyi - viola, bass tambura, vocals
Márton Timár - bass, vocals
Áron Czupi - drums, percussion instruments, vocals

The concert took place in 2015.

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