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Felix Lajko Trio / Serbia

Félix Lajkó is a world-famous Serbian-born Hungarian violin virtuoso, called the “Paganini of Vojvodina”. He is not only a master of tradition-based violin improvisation, but also an outstanding instrumentalist playing the Hungarian zither. The artist grew up in a multi-ethnic and multicultural environment, using its influence to experiment with music and create his own style.


He was fascinated by chamberand symphonic music, but his true passion was folk – combining trance andmelancholy, tradition and improvisation. Today, Lajkó looks at music above stylistic barriers. He is more interested in expression, emotion and impressions that can be aroused by the power of his instruments. He combines elements of Hungarian, Balkan, klezmer and Roma traditions with a peculiarly understood virtuosity on the border of jazz and philharmonic, and the whole is seasoned with almost punk expression.

His stage experiences are extremely rich. He has collaborated with Alexander Bălănescu, Roby Lakatos, Jojo Mayer, Erica Miklósa, János Balázs, Mohammad Reza Mortazavi and the Polish band Vołosi. Above all, however, for a quarter of a century he has been presenting his stunning original vision of music, which has resulted in great records and warmly applauded concerts all over the world.

The leader will present his own trio, in which he is joined by two experienced musicians – great improvisers and worthy partners on stage – double bass player József Barcza-Horváth and guitarist Attila Sidó. Together they play Félix’s compositions seasoned with folk and classical motifs, celebrated by the virtuoso trio. This intriguing blend combines the traditions and expression of contemporary compositions, including a range of styles and emotions in original compositions for violin, guitar and double bass. This makes their playing together so exciting and unpredictable.

As the leader argues: “The essence of my work is the sensitivity and changeability of my instrument. I don’t play any new ‘kind’ of music, I just go my own way, improvising and composing. I play folk, classical, rock, blues, punk, jazz and improvised music. If I had to categorise my own music genre, I would point to dark-folk or sentimental metal.”
Félix Lajkó – violin, zither
Attila Sidó – guitar
József Barcza Horvàth – double bass

The concert took place in 2019.

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