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Felix Lajko (Hungary)

(31.07.2011, 9:00 PM, PWST)


Felix Lajko was born in Yugoslavia in 1974. He has played on zither since ten and on violin – since twelve. He graduated six-year music school in three years and it ended his formal education, while he started to play concerts. He played jazz with Dresch Quartet, contemporary music with Hungarian composer and pianist Gyorgy Szabados, he was a member of Ensemble Ritual Nova of Boris Kovac. He gave concerts with Alexander Balanescu – Londoner of Romanian roots, Min Tanaka from Japan, Noir Desir and Boban Markovic. He played in Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Belgrade, Paris, Bordeaux, Frankfurt, London, Edinburgh, Tokyo, Bratislava, Venice, Verona, Wuppertal, Monte Carlo, Dublin, Oxford and others.

Felix Lajko: „My music is based on the delicacy and coloring of my instrument. I don't create new musical genre, I write music and improvise – I am following my own path. I cannot see a difference between music styles and ways of playing them, so I improvise and play folk, classics, rock, blues and jazz all together”.

In 2002 he released an compilation album: „Felix”, which is a journey of an artist constantly searching for new musical meanings. It is also his first solo album. Two years later the album „7” was released. Together with his trio (Antal Brasnyo on viola and Ferenc Kurina on double bass) he took us to the world of improvisation and for a journey through classical and jazz music. In 2007 another album „Remeny” was published. In the same year Lajko played main role in the movie „Delta”, directed by Kornel Mundruczo, awarded with the 1st Prize at the Hungarian Film Festival in 2008. Felix himself was awarded separately for the movie soundtrack. The movie was representing contemporary Hungarian cinematography at the Cannes Festival in 2008. The latest album: „Z lasu” [„From the woods”] was released in 2009 in Hungary and Serbia. It is the second album of the artist that was recorded completely in the woods. This time with the accompaniment of long-term collaborator, viola playing Antal Brasnyo. Everyday practise of playing together for three to four hours has an effect in amazing harmony of their joint improvisations.

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