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Fabatka (Transylvania / Romania)


The band Fabatka (pronounced "pho-bot-co") comes from the city of Sfintu Gheorghe (Hungarian Sepsiszentgyorgy, Southeastern Transylvania, Romania). Its founder is the virtuoso of pipes Feri Segercz. He learned to play the pipe from the village masters of this instrument - shephard musicians from Gyimes and Moldova, regions for centuries inhabited by the Hungarian minority called Csango. In addition to playing with his own band, Feri played in such formations as Tilinka or Botoska, he participates in the Transylmania project, teaches playing pipes and also is a builder of shephard instruments. It is worth mentioning that the "fabatka" is the name of a former wooden coin of low value. Hence, among the Hungarians, there is a saying that something is not worth a "fabatka". The band plays traditional Hungarian music from Moldova and the Transylvanian regions of Gyimes and Felcsik. The two albums released so far combine traditional motifs of the Carpathian region with elements of jazz and improvisation.


Band members:

Feri Segercz - pipe, kaval, bombard, fifes, gordon

Istvan Kelemen - violin, bagpipe

Uto Bencze Konya - basolia, gordon

Csaba Fazakas - violin, darbuka, pipe

Eszter Gyorgy - vocals, kaval, pipe

Monika Gal - vocals


Workshops: July 31, 2004, 6:00 PM, Alchemia

Concert: July 31, 2004, 9:00 PM, Alchemia

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