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Ensemble Sinawi / Korea

In Korean folk music, “Sinawi” means improvisation.

The concept of creating the group came about during meetings and studies into the true
nature of traditional Korean music. The meetings featured workshops focusing on rhythms, solo instrumental music, shaman songs, the nature of pansori (a genre often called Korean opera), and many other aspects of traditional music. The participants sought answers to questions on the future of Korean music, including improvisation, sourced in and supported by traditions. The experiences, combining knowledge and passion, intellect and emotions, resulted in the fascinating music created by the group.

Ensemble Sinawi, bringing musical improvisation based on Korean traditions, was founded in 2007 as the Korea Traditional Music Study Workshop. Their first concert, entitled “Joy in Soul”, was held two years later at the Seoul Munhwailbo Hall. Since then they have performed across Asia, in Europe and the US. They released their debut album “Cadenza for Soul” in 2010, while their subsequent record “Into the Time” came out in 2012.

Duk-Soo Kim
- janggu drum
Hyun-Sik Shin - ajaeng zither
Sung-Joon Lee - daegeum bamboo flute
Yang-Hwa Kim - gayageum zither, vocals
Ji-Hye Park - jing gong, percussion instruments
Song-Hee Jeong - fortepiano, yanggeum dulcimer

The concert took place in 2015.

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