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Duch (Poland)

(29.07.2011, 10:00 PM, Rotunda)


Duch in a current composition has been concerting since the beginning of 2010. For that time the band has performed in TVP2 [Polish Television], at the Studio of Agnieszka Osiecka, Polish Radio 3 - „Trójka”, Słowacki Theater, Krakow Opera, on the city streets or in Krakow pubs' basements and at the festivals (Rozstaje/Crossroads – Club Fabryka, SlotArt, Fama and others). Duch is a mixture of seven people with completely (sometimes even explosively...) different emotions, personalities and visions. They write about themselves: „We are inspired by everything; the strangest sounds push us to create our own musical world. We break the stereotype of gentle and mild acoustic playing”. The concert of Duch at the Rozstaje/Crossroads Festival 2011 is the highlight of their month-long concert tour in Poland. At the same time it is the premiere of their project in an enhanced member squad – with the string quartet. Great poetry, original compositions and arranges. Charisma, energy, youth and professionalism. New quality on the acoustic alternative scene.


Band members:

Regina Bogacz – vocals

Piotr Aleksander Nowak – guitar

Stanisław Słowiński – violin

Patrycja Pastrana – viola

Natalia Orkisz – cello, vocals

Łukasz Madej – double bass

Wiktor Machowski – cajon

String quartet: Agata Front – 1st violin

Marta Szostek – 2nd violin

Przemysław Dajcz – viola

Kuba Warski – cello


Music by: Piotr Aleksander Nowak, Duch

Arranges of string quartet by: Stanisław Jan Klemens Słowiński

Piotr Aleksander Nowak

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