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DJ Click & Click Here - Balkandalucia / France/Moldova/Romania/Spain

What would be the result of a meeting between a master of modern, club production and Balkan and Andalusian music? A fascinating combination of three elements.

The originator of this project is DJ Click, a recognised Parisian DJ and producer. The artist unpretentiously emphasises the relativity of divisions into musical genres with his hauntingly energetic songs. In his work he freely draws from many – seemingly very distant – sources of inspiration, arranging them in an exciting collage which features something for everyone – both admirers of traditional sounds and supporters of contemporary dance music.

The international concert group, enriched with musicians playing live instruments, has been called Click Here. Following the lead of the project name, Balkan-Andalusian inspiration, the leader has invited artists from Romania, Moldova and Spain. This extraordinary cultural mix brings together echoes of tradition and modernity, and interpenetrating cultures of different parts of Europe.

Dj Click - programming, turntables, theremin, Jew's harp, vocals (France)
Viorel Potinga - accordion (Moldova)
Nadia Potinga - vocals (Moldova)
Tudorel Mihai - saxophone, flute, vocals (Romania)
Karine Gonzalez - dance, vocals (Spain)

The concert took place in 2015.

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