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22.08.2020  18:00  concert  Forty Kleparz

Derico Alves is a charismatic vocalist and accordionist from Recife, performing solo and with the band, also on chamber and festival stages all over Europe and beyond. For years Derico has been associated mostly with forró, the music he particularly loves.

Forró is a musical genre and a dance style that originated in the north-eastern part of Brazil in the 19th century. Quite uniquely for a contemporary genre, the forró music and dance originated simultaneously, coming ever closer and inspiring each other. This correlation, characteristic of folk music, made it possible to develop music that is ideal for dance and dance that was created with drawing for joy from music in mind. Another important feature of the forró is the ease of joining the dance: once you've learnt a handful of basic steps, you can easily have all the fun at forró dance parties.

Derico Alves – vocals, accordion
Junior Arto – zabumba, triangle
Leonardo Mattos – zabumba

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