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Daniel Binelli & Quinteto de Tango Nuevo (Argentina/USA/Poland)

(01.08.2010, 8:00 PM, PWST)


Daniel Binelli is the legend of Argentinean tango scene and the master of bandoneon. A member of New Tango Sextet of Astor Piazzolla (joint tournée: Brazil – Chile – Spain – Italy – Germany – France). In years 1968-1982 Binelli was a bandoneonist and main arranger in Osvaldo Publiese's Tango Orchestra. His tournée of 1998 with Martha Argerich, guitarist Eduardo Isaak and National Symphony of Argentina under the direction of Pedro Ignacio Calderon was a worldwide success. Binelli was the main conductor of operetta „Maria de Buenos Aires” during its staging in Italy – with Milva in the main role. He is involved in many concert activities all around the world.

Grzegorz Frankowski – double bass player, precursor of „tango nuevo” style in Poland; he works with the orchestra Capella Cracoviensis. Creator and member of many musical projects with the participation of brilliant soloists and cameralists (Vadim Brodzki / El Tango, Wiesław Prządka / Trio Revirado, Adrian Kreda / Quarteto Polaco, Waldemar Malicki / Tango Bridge and Kevin Kenner / Piazzoforte Quintet). Currently he performs with Piazzoforte Quintet and world-famous pianist, Kevin Kenner. Performative and compositional art of Grzegorz Frankowski is an attempt to synthesize various musical genres, transferred to the tango ground; a correspondence between traditions of European culture, ethnic elements and Argentinean tango.


The concert programme consist of: traditional Argentinean tangos, „tango nuevo” of Astor Piazzolla, contemporary tangos of Daniel Binelli and Grzegorz Frankowski. Slavic soul and Argentinean passion...


Band members:

Daniel Binelli (Argentina) – bandoneon

Polly Ferman (USA) – piano

Grzegorz Frankowski (Poland) – double bass

Maciej Mąka (Poland) – guitar

Paweł Wajrak (Poland) – violin

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