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Czeremszyna & Todar (Poland/Belarus)

(24.07.2009, 6:00 PM, Main Square)


Todar – Zmicier Wajciuszkiewicz (Belarus)

Belarussian multi-instrumentalist, member of cult bands: Krywi and Pałac, composer of film music, bard. Co-creator of famous in Europe projects: „Narodny Albom” and „Ja naradziusia tut”, one of the founders of the project WZ Orkiestra, representative of underground culture of Belarus.


Czeremszyna (Poland)

One of the most interesting bands inspired by Slavic folklore (mainly Podlasie). It was created in Czeremsze in 1993 on the initiative of Barbara Kozub-Samosiuk. The band composition has changed many times, but its core (Barbara Kozub-Samosiuk, Mirosław Samosiuk) has remained the same since the beginning. Currently band consist of 9 people and their instruments are: accordion, guitar, mandolin, violin, bass balalaika, sopilkas, Slovakian pipe, drums and other percussion instruments. Podlasie, where the members of the band comes from, is a region shared by Polish, Belarussian and Ukrainian culture, which has an effect in band's repertoire. Environment focused around the band is organizing the Festival „Z wiejskiego podwórza” for 10 years and in 1999 members of the band founded Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Kultury Ludowej [Association of Rural Culture Lovers], which supports their activities. Czeremszyna concerted in many cities in Poland and many other European countries.


Band members:

Barbara Kozub-Samosiuk – vocals, accordion, Slovakian pipe

Mirosław Samosiuk – vocals, bass balalaika

Krzysztof Sawicki – mandolin, guitar

Magdalena Zinkow-Antoniuk – drums, percussion instruments

Magdalena Waszczuk – vocals, sopilkas

Joanna Grabowska – vocals

Maria Zdrajkowska – vocals

Marek Ławreszuk – violin

Rakowski Romuald „Rakoś” – percussion set

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