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M. Hermia

Oleś Brothers

S. Makhoul

contraMUNDO: Oleś Brothers / Manuel Hermia / Sameer Makhoul (Poland/Belgium/Israel)

(28.07.2011, 9:00 PM, PWST)


contraMUNDO is the newest and entirely different from the others music project of respected Polish jazz double bass player, Marcin Oleś. The concept of the band is based on the leading part of double bass |contra|, by showing its sound and melodic capabilities and acknowledging its role in this music. Furthermore, the project is focused on showing music through the diversity of sounds |mundo|, gathered around homogeneous concepts of the leader, referencing to the wide circle of musical traditions. Their music is full of open associations and surprising sounds, juxtaposed with musical virtuosity and imagination.

contraMUNDO is a musical blend of various sound and performance cultures, mixed in a way, that it is impossible to highlight one leading culture context. Middle East colouring, jazz expression and attitude to the musical material, classical sounds and compositions, where Arabic modes, jazz improvisation and classical attitude to the form intertwine. Different sound traditions, musical systems and approaches to broadly understood improvisation, seen here as a language of joint music creation – all of these coexist and complement each other in contraMUNDO. It is emotionally rushing and refined at the same time and very hard to stylistically classify. It brings surprisingly fresh and tasteful music.


Band members:

Marcin Oleś – double bass

Sameer Makhoul – oud

Manuel Hermia – bansuri / bandoneon

Bartłomiej Brat Oleś – drums

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