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Chyskyyrai: Valentina Romanova & Stanislav Parfienov (Russia, Yakutia)

This is an event on the verge of concert and theater spectacle. Valentina Romanova – Siberian singer and shaman, presents variety and wealth of traditional vocal techniques of Yakutia. She creates incredibly emotional and intriguing spectacle, in which she leads listeners and herself on the brink of shamanic histeria. Artist uses regional epic poems (olonho), folk songs, sometimes even animal sounds mimicra. Olonho is an Yakutian epic poem, transmitted orally (on the UNESCO World Heritage List). It consist of theogonic and cosmogonic myths and a myth about the creation of humankind and their souls. Olonho claims that universe has three separate worlds: the highest world, where bright deities (adyy), six shamans, three heaven heroes and highest daemons (abaassy) lives; the middle world, which is populated by people, their souls and the deads; and the lowest world, ruled by distorted and terrifying beasts. Chyskyyrai (which is Valentina Romanova's stage alias) was born in 1971. She is an artist of very different interests. She often connects music of her own nation, based on the old art of olonho and even older shamanic traditions, with experiments on rock and avant garde music. She has recorded two albums so far: „Chyskyyrai Mysterias” and „Siberian Extreme”.

Valentina Romanova – vocals, folk instruments

Stanislav Parfienov – drums

We'd like to thank the agency AKT – Kultura i Turystyka and the association HAYIRAKAN – Kultura Jutra ( for all the help in organizing Chyskyyrai's concert.

27.07.2007, 9:00 PM, Szczepański Square

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