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Chico Trujillo / Chile

Elemental energy, fire, musical dynamite, and – at the same time – carefully thought-out sound and great fun on and in front of the stage. Presenting the Chilean Chico Trujillo band, who are considered to be one of the best ambassadors for a modern South American cumbia.

The band was described as the best excuse for rock lovers to learn to love cumbia and Latino music. The members of the band offer a true rock-like power of sound, energy and dynamism, while also offering unique, captivating rhythms, dance melodies and unpretentious fun. 

Chico Trujillo explores the combinations of original songs and traditional cumbia with many other genres, such as bolero, ska, Andean folk, Balkan rhythms, even hip-hop, reggae and rock, which results in a unique blend. They are considered to be the pioneers of the new genre called the New Chilean Cumbia, characterised by its strong rhythm with a sensational sound of the dynamic wind section.

The band was founded in 1999 in Villa Alemana, Chile by vocalist Aldo Enrique Asenjo Cubillos, also known as “Macha.” After a decade of functioning in Santiago’s musical underground, their popularity exploded as they have become one of the most important bands in Chile, said to be treated almost like a national treasure. Everyone loves them, as someone has said in a colourful way: from taxi drivers to the president. They are superstars who have never left their home neighbourhood. Their subsequent albums quickly become best-sellers, while their concerts are must-see events. 

The band played, among others, during concerts organised as part of the campaign in support of the rights of indigenous Mapuche Indians, they also performed at the Lollapalooza Music Festival in Santiago and Chicago. The band is also becoming increasingly popular in Europe, in particular in Germany.

As the band members themselves explain, Chico Trujillo is able to combine the best of the past with elements of a global alternative culture, combining them under the pan-American flag of cumbia. Their music is a dream soundtrack for a dance party and a wedding. Their live performances are unusual, spectacular events.

Aldo Asenjo “Macha” – vocals
Michael Maglicchetti – guitar
Juanito Gronemeyer – drums 
Rodolfo Fuica “Tio Rodi” – drum instruments
Sebastian Cabezas “Zorrita” – trumpet 
Luis Tabilo – trombone 
Leogildo Ruiz “Fela” – saxophone
Joselo Osses – bass 
Patricio Quilodran “Pato” – multi-instrumentalist 
Marco Beltrami “Paila” – keyboard instruments

The concert took place in 2018.

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