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The Bum Bum Orkestar / Poland

In May this year, they won second place and the audience award during the eighteenth New Tradition Festival. As one of the best bands at that festival, they were invited to perform in Kraków.

The Bum Bum Orkestar take their inspiration from the Balkan and klezmer traditions, as well as traditional Polish music. These influences and the interpenetration of these three musical worlds mean that the band create surprise on stage with their energy, and immediately afterwards move the audience with wistful melodies, to finally make them surrender to the rhythm of the music.

Each concert is unique and unpredictable at the same time. They are all new and different – and this is thanks to the five musicians who love what they do, and their instruments (clarinet, trumpet, accordion, tuba, and tapan – a Bulgarian drum). They infect their audiences with positive energy like the famous Balkan wedding and funeral orchestras. And indeed they leave nobody in the audience indifferent.

In an interview with Polish Radio 2, the band’s clarinettist Oliwier Andruszczenko said, “We started by playing the music of Balkan wedding-funeral orchestras, but now more often we play our own tunes.” And he added: “When we started, we weren’t thinking about concerts and earning money. We just wanted to play music and have fun. However, our first performances showed us that people go crazy to our sounds.”

The Bum Bum Orkestar has not only been successful at New Tradition. In December last year the band took second place in the competition at the Mikołajki Folkowe Festival.

Oliwier Andruszczenko - clarinet
Piotr Krukowski - trumpet
Piotr Janiec - tuba
Mateusz Wachowiak - accordion
Mateusz Sieradzan - tapan

The concerts took place in 2015.

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