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Buda Folk Band / Hungary

One of the most important bands today in the rich and varied Hungarian folk scene, the Buda Folk Band was formed in 2007.

Residing in the right-bank Budapest, the musicians belong to the second generation of artists who explore Magyar traditions through the activities of the Hungarian dance house movement (táncház). They combine their faithfulness to tradition with virtuosity and imagination worthy of the 21st century. They were inspired by the music of the masters, including the famous group Muzsikás. Today, they themselves are classics on the Hungarian scene, and their albums are released by the prestigious Fonó label. The music, well suited for dancing, is performed on instruments used by traditional artists from the Carpathian Arc and is derived from authentic sources. The songs played by the band are typical of Hungarian folk music, which reveals its timeless character in the work of the Buda Folk Band.

The members of the Buda Folk Band stress that although their music comes from the countryside and is rooted in the rural way of life, it can be transferred to the city – and is perfectly accepted by modern, metropolitan post-industrial audiences.

This is primarily due to the spontaneity, unpretentiousness and melody of their work. Of great importance to them is their deep musical awareness and perfect sound, but – above all – the ability to have great fun (which listeners will happily join in with) in the rhythm of traditional melodies.

Andor Maruzsenszki - viola
Sándor Csoóri - contra, tambura, koboz, vocals
Ádám Takács - viola, violin, vocals
Márton Éri - viola
Tamos Kiralyi - bass
Soma Salamon - accordion, flute
Anna Márczi - vocals


The concert took place in 2015.

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