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Banda (Slovakia)

(16.07.2013, 7:30 PM, Magazyn Kultury | Kolanko No 7)

(WORKSHOPS: Slovak traditional dances: 16.07.2013, 5:00-6:30 PM, Magazyn Kultury | Kolanko No. 7)


A group with ten years of concert experience, inspired by Slovak traditional music, but also referring to themes of Polish, Moravian and Romanian music. Banda's musicians are attentive to the local specificity, but also do not avoid new forms and proposals. Creative reference to sources, original works and compositions, precision and freedom of performance release the energy characteristic of the best bands that determine the continuity of tradition and co-create a new, contemporary form of Slovak cultural identification. The band's original sound is also influenced by the musicians' extensive aesthetic experiences: folk, blues and jazz. Concert and phonographic activity of the group is gaining the ever growing favor of the audience and critics. The debut album "Banda" in 2010 received a high, 8th place on the prestigious list of "World Music Charts Europe" ( The band co-created the music and choreography in Marek Tapak's film "Taniec między odłamkami" ["Dance among the shrapnels"]; from this production comes the group's latest music video: "Śmierć" ["Death"].


Band members:

Samo Smetana – vocals, violin, mandolin, guitar

Ivan Hanula – vocals, viola, mandolin

Alżbeta Lukacova – dulcimer, vocals, diatonic accordion, percussion instruments

Peter Obuch – double bass, vocals

Igor Ajdżi Sabo – vocals, percussion instruments

Eva Brunovska – vocals, keyboards

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