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Art Color Ballet - "Amber Tree"  / Poland


The play "Amber Tree" is the motto of this year's festival. The show is inspired by the prehistory and journeys of peoples traversing Europe, who are the progenitors of the contemporary inhabitants of Poland. It is a story about our origins, the formation of the native community under the influence and in the context of other cultures, thus shaping spiritual and material values.


The genesis read in such a way requires reaching to various sources; it refers to historical, archaeological and ethnographic aspects, as well as to myths, fairy tales and legends that have always coexisted with them, without which the culture and tradition in their present form would not exist. Those who know the previous productions of Art Color Ballet certainly do not need to be convinced that the combination of dance, live music, singing, visualization and bodypainting each time introduces the audience to the unimaginable world of multidimensional, breathtaking stage art.


"Here the paths trodden by the peoples of the earth lead, the trunk is the pillar, the springs nourish the roots, the branches tell their own story, each has its own time and a peculiar story. The wind and birds sing the melody of distant lands; they have come to become the story of old and new times."

[Agnieszka Glińska]


"A story about the sources of Central European identity; an echo of Old Testament psalms, Songs over songs, Romani road songs. An unobvious landscape with the horizon of the Kaleva land in the background, the glare of church domes in the distance. A story about struggle, hope and the need for love."

[Jan Słowiński]


Agnieszka Glińska - script, direction, choreography

Jan Słowiński - texts

Stanisław Słowiński - music

Joanna Słowińska - vocals

Karol Śmiałek - vocals, reciting






Stanisław Słowiński Quintet composed of:

Stanisław Słowiński - violin, electronics, samples

Leszek Hefi-Wiśniowski - saxophones, flute

Franciszek Raczkowski - piano

Justyn Małodobry - double bass, bass guitar

Adam Stępniowski - drums



and a string quartet:

Krzysztof Katana - violin

Agata Front - violin

Aleksander Frankiewicz - viola

Mikołaj Pęcherski - cello





Art Color Ballet performed at the festival in 2019.

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