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Arstidir (Iceland)

(15.07.2012, 6:00 PM, Radio Krakow – courtyard)


A vocal and instrumental group from Reykjavik with a unique acoustic sound. The band's work is influenced by classical chamber music, Icelandic folk music, jazz aesthetics, indie and progressive rock. The extensive acoustic composition is supported by vocal chords. The band released two albums that were well received by the critics and the audience, has made numerous radio and television recordings in Iceland, Sweden, Russia and the Czech Republic, and has performed in many European countries. Performance at the Rozstaje/Crossroads Festival Krakow 2012 - as part of the series: "Summer Stage of Radio Krakow" - is the premiere concert of an intriguing Icelandic group in Poland and at the same time: the prologue of the next edition of the festival: Rozstaje 2013 - "Music of the North".


Band members:

Daniel Audunsson – guitar, vocals

Gunnar Mar Jakobsson – guitar, vocals

Ragnar Olafsson – bass guitar, vocals

Hallgrimur Jonas Jensson – cello, vocals

Jon Elisson – keyboards, vocals

Karl Aldinsteinn Pestka – violin, vocals

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