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Ars Harmonica (Poland)


There are three band members – Piotr Blazik, Piotr Chołołowicz and Jakub Mietła – instrumentalists with totally different personalities, that are amazingly fulfilling each other on the stage. They've worked out their own, original style, which is difficult to classify, but has a lot in common with folk, ethno and trance music. Energetic „engine” of the band consisting of three accordionists is based on irregular rhythms, musical harmonies typical for central-eastern European countries and virtuosity of Slavic melancholy. All of these elements are parts of original arranges of the band, which create a solid and clear message, appreciated by public and music critics. Band has been awarded on many domestic and international competitions (in Switzerland, Bulgaria, Poland, Austria, among others) and has concerted in all of Europe (Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy), both in music clubs and concert halls. Currently trio is working on the second album. The first one was „Ars Harmonica – Live”, recorded and published in Vienna in 2003.

29.07.2006, 11:00 PM, Rotunda

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