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Ania Broda / Poland

One of the most original voices on the Polish musical scene and one of the most interesting personalities in folk music. She is equally enthusiastic about running vocal and instrumental workshops for children and parents and about giving captivating concerts. Anna Broda will present the pieces from her fantastic last year’s record Thousand Lakes, filled with unique, little known music of Warmia and Masuria.

”It is a special project dedicated to that region, a tribute to the culture of the region where I live, because I am a musician and because I want to promote and teach that music the generations to come”, says the artist.


Traditional and folk music lovers remember her unforgettable, characteristic vocals chiefly from Kapela Brodów, of which she was the mainstay for years. Together with that group she released five splendid records (including Pieśni i melodie na rozmaite święta (Songs and Melodies for Various Holidays), considered the best folk record 2001) and gave hundreds of concerts, enjoying the audience’s enthusiastic reception. At that band she sung, player the cimbalom and the drums. Since that time she has also pursued her own author’s solo projects. A few years ago she parted with Kapela Brodów and focused on solo recordings, running workshops and concerts with her own group. So far she has had three records to her credit: A ja nie chcę spać!, (I Don’t Want to Sleep), 6H and Najlepsze życzenie (Best Wishes), drawing inspiration from folk tradition and contemporary poetry. Much of her musical activity is addressed to children, but its simplicity, melodiousness and charm is equally attractive for the adult audience.


She comments the idea of her new record in this way: ”I heard all the time that Warmia and Masuria do not have interesting music. Nothing more wrong! I was born in the very heart of the Land of a Thousand Lakes. I still live there and love that region. (…) I picked up the track of rare, ancient Warmia’s hymns. I was fascinated with the tunes, the energy of that music, its noble, mature and deep appeal...”.
photo.: Hania Łozowska

The concert took place in 2017.

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