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Andrzej Bieńkowski - Found Music / Poland

Jewish Music in the Memory of Rural Musicians
Found Music | stories | videos from field research | a concert by Raraszek band


Rural music of the 20th century. What was the cooperation between Polish and Jewish musicians like in the countryside before World War II? How did the melodies and dances intermingle? And what was the situation after World War II, when there were no more Jews? What is it like now? I’m going to talk about my field research, which I have been conducting since 1980. The stories will be illustrated by my documentary films from the 1980s. 

The Krakow band Raraszek (winners of this year’s edition of the Old Tradition competition) will play a specially prepared Jewish repertoire from the collections of Oskar Kolberg and Found Music, which will include Jewish and Polish works from the same areas, 
It's a parallel and intertwining coexistence of our cultures.

In the photograph: a wedding band. The Jewish fiddler Judły was killed during the war. The harmonist Karpiński came from the famous “Owczarek” musician family. Grabowski had a photographer brother, who took the picture [Rawa Mazowiecka, 1930–1939].

The meeting in the CANON OF THE ONE HUNDRED series is co-financed from the funds of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

The meeting took place in 2018.

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