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Alireza Ghorbani / Iran

He is one of the icons of Iranian music, an artist who directly refers to the greatest vocal achievements of the Persian tradition. Alireza Ghorbani is a performer of exceptional talent and international recognition. Thanks to his vocal techniques, interpretations and instrumentations, he refers to old sources and at the same time does not renounce his contemporary repertoire.

His recordings from the last dozen or so years, perfect from an artistic point of view and highly acclaimed, have given him the reputation of one of the leaders of the new generation of classical Persian singers. This recognition results from the scope of his repertoire, his accuracy and natural performance, as well as from his flawless taste and uncompromising character.

One of his greatest achievements in recent years is the album Eperdument / Lost in Love... Persian Love Songs, with compositions by Saman Samimi. On this album Alireza Ghorbani invites listeners for a revealing journey to Gulistan (the Rose Garden), a place of inspiration for Persian poets like Sadi, Abu Said Abulchajr, Omar Chajjam, Rumi and Hafez. Alireza also adds the poetry of 20th century authors to these classics. 

Original compositions by Saman Samimi refer to the musical trends prevailing in Iran in recent years. He uses exclusively acoustic instruments. Virtuosity, ornamentation, invention and improvisation are elements that can be found in the work of many Iranian artists. But what makes Alireza Ghorbani unique is the absolutely unique combination of all these features at the highest level.

Alireza Ghorbani – vocals 
Saman Samimi – kamancheh, compositions
Milad Mohammadi– tar
Zakariya Yousefi – percussionalia

The concert took place in 2018.

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