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Agata Siemaszko Trio / Poland/Slovakia

The latest Polish-Slovakian project by the winners of the Grand Prix at the New Tradition festival four years ago. Agata Siemaszko and Kuba Bobas Wilk first started working together in autumn 2010, and just a few months later they were enchanting audiences at this acclaimed Warsaw festival.

They met before while they were both collaborating with Teresa Mirga and her Roma ensemble Kałe Bała. They have very different backgrounds, and their musical activities are rooted in diverse genres. From her youngest years, Agata has bene involved with folk music, mainly seeking inspiration from traditions from the Carpathian region and Roma folk. She has performed alongside ensembles such as Mostar Sevdah Reunion.

In turn, Kuba’s focus is on jazz and funk, although it doesn’t stop him from being open to other, frequently very diverse styles. He has worked with many folk groups, and has had close ties with the acclaimed ensemble Trebunie-Tutki for several years. The two are linked by their passion for music. They have been able to create a new style through free improvisation based on inspirations from many different sources. Two years ago, they jointly released an outstanding debut album “Ogień i woda”, which was hailed as Folk Phonogram of Polish Radio 2. The duo’s repertoire includes traditional Roma songs, Carpathian melodies, and their own original compositions.

This time, they encounter the outstanding Slovakian artist Miroslav Rajt. He is a graduate of the Bratislava Conservatory from the cimbalom class, but he also plays violin, viola, piano, percussion, accordion and double bass.

He has worked with important Slovakian ensembles including Sl’uk (State Traditional Dance Company) Lúčnica (National Ballet), Ol’un (Instrumental Folk Orchestra of Slovakian Radio) and the Violin Orchestra Bratislava. As well as playing cimbalom, he is a composer and arranger, and he is currently completing studies in composition and conducting.

Agata Siemaszko - vocals
Kuba "Bobas" Wilk - bass guitar, guitar
Miroslav Rajt - cimbalom, violin, viola


The concert took place in 2015.

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