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Caci Vorba (Poland/Ukraine)

(20.07.2012, 7:00 PM, Main Square)

(20.07.2012, 11:00 PM, Magazyn Kultury | Kolanko No 6 – as a part of „The Night of the Nomads” concert)


Čači Vorba - "Tajno Biav" - a concert promoting the band's project awarded with the Folk Phonogram of the Year title, awarded by Polish Radio. Čači Vorba is one of the most honored abroad Polish and Ukrainian performers of recent months, hailed by the Western music press as "one of the most perfect and dynamic folk bands from Eastern Europe" ("Songlines Magazine"). They are inspired by Roma and Carpathian music. The group's album debut: "True Speech" (Oriente Musik, 2010) received: the German Phonographic Critics Award, Swedish: "Lira Gillar" and many other prestigious titles and accolades. The band's second album, "Tajno Biav / Secret Marriage" (Oriente Musik, 2011), was enthusiastically received by journalists and fans from Europe and America within just a few months from its premiere, also earning the prestigious title of "Top of the World Album". The group is also a laureate of the Polish Radio 'New Tradition' Festival (2006).


Band members:

Maria Natanson – vocal solo, violin, kemenche, Hungarian viola

Paweł Sójka – accordion

Piotr Majczyna – guitar, mandola, bouzouki, bagpipe, vocals

Robert Brzozowski – double bass

Lubomyr Iszczuk – darabuka, dombek, daf, tapan, bouzouki, jew's harp

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