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Twinkle Brothers


Twinkle Brothers & Trebunie-Tutki (Jamaica/UK/Poland)

(24.07.2009, 8:30 PM, Main Square)


In this intercultural dialogue participate Jamaican rastamen and Tatra highlanders – legendary stars of Jamaican roots reggae with Trebunie-Tutki – the band, which had evolved from highlander ensemble to the group, concerting and appreciated at the biggest festivals of world music in the entire Europe, Asia and Northern America. Trebunie-Tutki for many years have been considered as the ambassadors of Polish culture and initiators of one of the most interesting artistic phenomena, created on the border of musical genres.


„We have matured to create completely new music, entirely original vision with important personal message to the world. The message is happy and optimistic. We praise the value of life and joy of meeting another person in a friendly and peaceful manner. Even by playing and having fun you can preserve your dignity and honour without giving up respect to your own roots”.


This extraordinary intercultural meeting – made possible and released in Poland by the Kamahuk publishing house, lead by the initiator of the meeting, the journalist of world music and reggae, Włodzimierz Kleszcz - is documented by shared albums: „Higher Heights”, „Comeback Twinkle 2 Trebunia Family” (6th place on the WMCE EBU list), „Our Twinkle Home”, „W Sherwood”, „The Best Of” and the last album: „Songs of glory / Pieśni chwały”, released by Agora. Three-color sun, which is the symbol of this dialogue, is shining with its full bright. Music production of many joint recordings were made by the masters of dub in music studios in Jamaica and London.


Twinkle Brothers (Jamaica/UK)

The legends of roots reggae. The band created by two brothers, Norman and Ralston Grant, in the Falmouth ghetto on the northern coast of Jamaica. In the 70's they created their own music label, where they've released over 60 albums. They concerted many times in USA, Europe and Africa. They also played at many national and international festivals: Essential Festival in Brighton, Bob Marley Days, Reggae on the River, Sunsplash, Reggae in the Park, The Hemp Festival, Roots Mountain Festival, Monterey Bay Reggae Fest, Helsinki Reggae Festival, Holland's Reggae Eruption and other festivals in Canada, Spain and Germany.


Band members:

Norman Grant – vocals, percussion instruments

Ralston Grant – vocals, guitar

Della Grant – vocals

Dub Judah Julius Samuels – vocals, bass guitar

Black Steel Errol Nicholson – vocals, guitar

Barry Prince – percussion kit

Arom Shamash – keyboards

Derek Demondo Fevrier – dub master


Trebunie-Tutki (Poland)

They are highlander family, making music from generations. They evolved, not losing one bit of their character, from a highlander ensemble to a band, concerting at the biggest festivals of world music in Europe, Asia and Northern America and representing Poland on Expo in Portugal and Japan. Trebunie-Tutki are the only Polish band (up to date), who had been ranked many times in the top ten of World Music List (WMCE) of European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Loving tradition and faithfulness to the Tatra Mountains region doesn't lesser the creativity of the band. Basing on traditional instruments, highlander scale, music building and performance character – they create new highlander music. They develop and enrich their roots music with new melodies, modern lyrics and avant garde arranges. In cooperation with Adrian Sherwood from London, African choir, Twinkle Brothers and Włodzimierz Kiniorski, they created the album „W Sherwood”, which was nominated in Poland to the Fryderyk Awards and in Europe it was considered the 3rd album of the decade by EBU. The album „Góralsko siła” is continuously appreciated and was nominated to the Fryderyk Awards 2008. The album „Tischner” by Trebunie-Tutki and band Voo Voo gained the status of Golden Album and also two nominations to Fryderyk Awards. Recently the activity of Trebunie-Tutki has been awarded by Rada Języka Polskiego [Polish Language Council] with the title of Honorowy Ambasador Polszczyzny [Honorary Ambassador of Polish Language].


Band members:

Krzysztof Trebunia-Tutka – vocals, violin, shepherd's instruments

Władysław Trebunia-Tutka – vocals, violin, pipes, Podhale bagpipe (koza)

Anna Trebunia-Wyrostek – vocals, Podhale basolia

Jan Trebunia-Tutka – vocals, violin, viola

management: Anita Rysiewska

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