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Twelfth Day / Scotland

“It is the 21st century art for the lovers of traditional music”, wrote the excited reviewer for fRoots, a prestigious magazine. Two inconspicuous girls from Scotland propose a delicate and sophisticated music, which at the same time is moving and filled with emotions.

The Twelfth Day features Catriona Price, a violinist and Esther Swift, a harpist. They both sing, often unisono, creating their own, original message. They also write together, combining traditional folk with elements of classical music, thus creating music beyond the borderlines of all genres, transforming their own experiences, inspirations and dreams into a lyrical artistic formula. They come from Orkney Islands and Scottish Borders in the South-Eastern Scotland. The duo is said to be inseparable.

Their first album - Northern Quarter - was released in 2010, when both girls were still studying at The Royal Northern College of Music. Even their first record, alluding to traditional music and Robert Burns’ poetry, but also containing their own compositions, was an indication of their upcoming success. In 2012, the artist released their second album, Fiere, featuring Joy Dunlop, a Gaelic singer. The release was devoted to the poems by Scottish authors, such as Carol Ann Duffy, Sheila MacLeod and Liz Lochhead. Their EP Speak From the Start, with covers of songs by pop and rock stars such as Blondie, Morrisey and Kanye West, has yet again confirmed that the duo is clearly remarkable.

Their latest release - Shell Story - is a mini-album with their new original songs, as well as remixes of compositions from their last full album, The Devil Makes Three. The music on both albums is a result of everything that the artists heard and learned over the course of their artistic career and education, which defined who they are now. Both albums delighted and amazed music critics and folk magazines worldwide.


Recently, the duo has finished a long concert tour with 9Bach, a famous alternative folk band, recording for Real World label.

Members of the group:

Catriona Price – violin
Esther Swift – harp

The concert took place in 2016.

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