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Transsylvanians (Hungary, Russia, Germany)


They play "folk rock a la Bartok" - an electrifying combination of folk music from Transylvania and the music of Hungarian Gypsies. The musical spectrum ranges from Hungarian traditional music, through folk-rock enriched with classical elements (Bela Bartok), to gypsy techno. Transsylvanians play wild, hot music, but also calm ballads and love songs. They present stories about their chosen home in Transylvania, about land and stars, about peace and war, about love and jealousy, but mainly about human, great love for life.


Band members:

Silvana - vocals, double bass

Andrey Soudnitsyn - violin

Sabine Schein - accordion

Andras tiborcz - violin

Hendrik Maass - guitar

Thomas Leisner - drums


The concerts at the Festival took place:

Klub Pod Jaszczurami (Main Square 8), 27 July 2000, 9:00 PM, opening of the Transylvania night at the Festival Club (9:00 PM – 2:00 AM)

Main Square, July 28, 2000, 6:15 PM

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