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Todar & WZ-Orkiestra (Belarus – the independent scene)


Todar – Zmicier Wajciuszkiewicz is one of the most creative musicians of Belarus. Bard, singer, multiinstrumentalist, film music composer, co-creator famous in Europe projects: „Narodny Albom” and  „Ja naradziusia tut”, charismatic performer and active representative of independent Belarussian music scene. He is a founder of renowned bands, such as: Krivi, Pałac and WZ-Orkiestra (WZ is a short form of 'East-West' in Belarussian). Lately he has recorded an album with poetry of one of the best Belarussian poets, Ryhor Baradulin, named „Paravoz kachannia”. Zmicier Wajciuszkiewicz is one of the currently „forbidden” musicians in Belarus. State structures impose on independent artists more and more limitations, they cancel their concerts or forbid radio broadcasts to play their music. On Rozstaje/Crossroads Festival Today will perform with the formation WZ-Orkiestra, he will present songs inspired by Belarussian traditional music, compositions written to the Belarussian poems and their biggest hits in new arrangements.


Workshops: 29.07.2005, 5:00 PM, Rotunda

Concerts:         29.07.2005, 8:00 PM, Barbakan

                        30.07.2005, 5:00 PM, Main Square

                        night of 30/31.07.2005, 1:15 AM, Rotunda

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