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The Swing Experience  Nika Aremikh Quart

The Swing Experience

Nika Aremikh Quartet

Nika Aremikh Quartet & The Swing Experience / Poland


The Swing Experience is an international educational initiative, operating mainly in Krakow.


Daily they run workshops and organize dance parties, where everyone who is interested in the dances of the classical jazz era of the 1920s and 1930s America, mainly lindy hop, balboa, blues will find their place. As part of the Etnokraków/Crossroads festival, they will conduct workshops on fusion blues, which dominates on Monday dance parties at the Strefa club.


The workshop will be followed by a dance party with live music provided by the Nika Aremikh Quartet. The band was brought to life by the plan of playing at dancing parties. They promise to take the listeners to a different level of sensitivity, where emotions and body combine with sound.

The concert and workshops took place in 2019.

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