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Teresa Mirga solo

Kałe Bała

Teresa Mirga and Kałe Bała (Poland, Spisz)


The band from Czarna Góra in Spisz, using, among others, archaic instruments (spoons, jug, guitar) it presents traditional music of the Roma of Spisz and the Carpathians, old Gypsy songs, as well as those created today, but rooted in tradition, original songs by Teresa Mirga. The poet's recital (author of volumes: "Soske kawka? / Czemu tak?" [„Why so?”], „Pieśni z Czarnej Góry” [„Songs of Black Mountain]) is one of the first and most interesting presentations of religious Gypsy poetry.


Band members:

Teresa Mirga - vocals, guitar

August Mirga - vocals, jug, spoons

Grzegorz Mirga - drums, spoons

Jacek Kacica - jug

Roman Gabor - vocals, guitar

Jadwiga Gabor - vocals


The concert took place at the Main Square, 28 July 2000, 3:00 PM

Teresa Mirga solo act took place at the Main Square, 29 July 2000, 6:15 PM

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