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"Zwierciadło" Theater  (Ukraine/Poland)

It was established in 1981 in Kiev on the initiative of director Włodymyr Petraniuk and his brother, actor and singer Vitalij Petraniuk. In recent years it has played in London and Novosibirsk, Cherbourg and Paris, Moscow, Warsaw and Krakow.

The theater was initially experimental, called "Red Drum" ["Krasnyj Baraban"] and staged poetic performances. With time, it expanded its activity to the streets and squares of Kiev and other cities in Ukraine, taking part in artistic events organized on the occasion of various holidays. The theater experienced its revival in a special place, which was the area of ​​the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. It was the time, when the new name of the theater was created - "Zwierciadło". In Chernobyl, in May 1986, the theater played the world's first play devoted to the nuclear catastrophe, "Autographs from Fire" based on real events. At the same time, creative members of "Zwierciadło" devoted much attention to Ukrainian folklore. The humorous music program "Buło ta zahuło" ["It was and then it was not"] turned into a great play, without which hardly any great festival in the Kiev region could happen. This program later became the basis of the cabaret program "From Kiev to Krakow, our speech is the same", which the theater presents in Krakow to this day. In 1992, the legend of Krakow - Piotr Skrzynecki invited "Zwierciadło" to "Piwnica pod Baranami", where they played Włodymyr Petraniuk's play: "My poor führer" and entertained the audience on the Main Square and on the streets of Krakow.

concert: 18.07.2003, 5:45 PM, Main Square

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