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Teatr Rodzinny Hałasów - "Zegar bije" ("The Clock Chimes") / Poland

A family enterprise led by a veteran and one of the greatest authorities of Poland’s ethnic, folk and traditional music scene.

“Zegar bije” (“The Clock Chimes”) is a performance originating from the traditions of carol singers wandering from village to village, from cottage to cottage, from person to person. It is sensitive to viewers’ reactions, and perfect for sensitive viewers. It is a lyrical tale of death, love, wandering. Each scene is a new story performed against the background of old banners and embroideries, woven with music and onomatopoeic narration aiming to enchant and beguile listeners and take them on a journey to a world of ludic, simple, unpretentious imagination.

The spectacle features songs of travellers collected by Jacek Hałas alongside music written and arranged by him for his sixstrong family orchestra. The Hałas family appears in an unusual stage setting.

Alicja and Jacek Hałas are well known on the Polish music scene. They have spent years immersed in traditions of folk music and dance; they seek inspiration in traveller songs, rural music and pageant dances. They have close links with important folk ensembles, including Bractwo Ubogich and Muzykanci, the House of Dance from Poznań, and Węgajty and Strefa Ciszy theatres; Jacek Hałas himself has also performed with Lautari, Transkapela and Ket Jo Barat.

This time, Alicja and Jacek Hałas will be joined by their children.

Jacek Hałas
- vocals, accordion, hurdy-gurdy
Alicja Hałas - drum, tapan, gordon
Julia, Antoni, Jonasz and Jakub Hałas

Director: Dariusz Skibiński

The spectacle took place in 2015.

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